Astos (True form)

Evil king of the Dark Elves


50 HP
18 AC

14 REF
18 WIL

Basic attack +3, 1d8

Unaffected by holy magic


Death – 10% chance to reduce enemy HP to 0. 20% chance to reduce enemy HP to 1.

Fira – AoE 3×3, deals 1d8 damage and has a 25% chance to burn enemies for 1d4 on following turn

Thundara – AoE 3×3, deals 1d6 damage and has a 25% chance to stun enemies for 1d3 turns

Slowra – AoE 3×3, Will Saves, if hit movement speed reduced by 80%. If successful save movement speed reduced by 50%.


Astos and his cronies attack Elfheim before the party arrives, placing a curse on the Prince of Elfheim (that puts him in an endless sleep) and sacking the treasury. He steals Matoya’s Crystal Eye to prevent her from making a potion to revive the Prince, and poses as a weak old king in the Western Keep and tricks the party into recovering the Crown from the dangerous depths of the Marsh Cave. When the party returns, Astos shows his true form, but the party destroys him.

Astos (True form)

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